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Batch PNG to JPG is a program that lets you convert tons of PNG-format images to JPG format in a matter of seconds.

The way Batch PNG to JPG works is very simple: all you have to do is select the images or image folder you want to convert, then click on the convert button. In mere seconds (which will vary depending on the number of images you're working with), you'll get the same images but in JPG format.

The Batch PNG to JPG options let you adjust the output quality of the JPG images, such that you can choose a lower quality to take up less space, or a higher quality (100) so they have nearly the same quality as the PNG (though the files will be much bigger).

Batch PNG to JPG is a simple image conversion program whose main strength is that it lets you convert images from one format to the other in seconds and with just a couple of clicks.
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